Mini Marco Island Round Up

So Marco Island is a little place in Southern Florida that’s just a hop, skip and a big car ride from Miami. I’ve visited here a total of four times and never tire of it. My other half described Florida as devoid of character, but I think sometimes you need to be somewhere where everything is perfecto!

Twice when we’ve been, we’ve stayed in the Hilton Marco Island, and the sea view rooms are definitely something to brag about. If you want Instagram worthy pics that make all your friends instantly jealous than you’ll love it! If you can afford to go for a little more luxury then the Marriott certainly gives you the VIP feeling, but nonetheless both hotels still sit comfortably on the beach.

Marco Island Sea Beach View Room

This time around we didn’t see many dolphins in the sea from our balcony, but previously when we’ve visited we’ve been lucky enough to catch dolphins in the waves at both sunrise and sunset.  And if you’re interested in the wildlife, there’s always plenty of pelicans and guys like this to snap a quick selfie with: 

Marco Island Beach Bird

If you fancy venturing a little further from the main beach to see the different nature and wildlife that the island has to offer, then Tiger Tail Beach is a great spot. You can catch a glimpse of all sorts of birds and sea life,  and during the right season you might just sneak a peek at a turtle. Of course, that is if you’re very lucky!

We’ve been there in August, September, October and December, and October has by far been the best month to visit! The last time we visited was September 2013 and the weather was fantastic until 3pm hit – that’s when every day just like clockwork the heavens opened and the thunder and lightning became crazy. This picture we snapped pretty much gives you an idea of how quickly the storms roll in:

Marco Island Storm September

As I was saying though, October is the perfect time for sun, sun, sun! Plus, for all you Halloween fans many of the houses turn their front gardens into graveyards or something similar, and of course with no one doing Halloween better than the Americans it’s a must see.

But whichever month you fancy visiting in, there’s plenty of great seafood places to eat at. The best by far that we’ve visited time and time again has to be the Snook Inn. Great food, great atmosphere and they even offer a complimentary taxi service from most hotels. Of course, if you have a boat you can also arrive in style that way….but it’s your call.

Anyway, if you find yourself in Southern Florida and fancy being away from the hustle and bustle of Miami, head down the Tamiami Trail. You might just find yourself in a car with a crazy Russian man like we did, but that story is for another time.

I’ll leave you with this great shot I managed to get last September, told you it got seriously stormy….

Marco Island Storm Panoramic Beach

*All picture rights reserved. 

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