Diary Of A Spoilt Stoke Girl

So we moved over to Southern Spain after both getting offered new jobs in Gibraltar. My thoughts, similar to yours probably, was that it’ll be easy. After all Gib’s English speaking and it’ll be like falling of a log. England with the sun!

This thought even stayed with me after we chose to live across the border in Spain, due to the grossly expensive apartment blocks in Gib. Anyway, those thoughts were before I found out the bus service was third world, the politics of the border queues and the Jan, Feb, March endless rain. The saying “the rain in Spain stays mainly on the plane” is completely untrue, sorry to disappoint!

So really this little post today is focussing on the less glam side of living abroad. Please don’t take that as me saying don’t do it, because it’s an exciting and life changing experience that is well worth doing. But what no one tells you is how behind in the times some places are, in comparison to the UK.  I mean, I’m from a city in the Midlands that I wouldn’t exactly call modern, but at least it had more than five buses a day, internet faster than 5mb and mains gas. Not to mention the abundance of 24 hour super markets that you just can’t get over here. The Spanish very much live up to their laid back approach in this part of the country, and that’s something my ‘get whatever I want, whenever I want’ persona struggles with. I’m most definitely not ashamed to admit that either, because I’ve been brought up in a world of 24/7, instant gratification.

The moral of this story is, Europe is drastically different (for me anyway) and it’s all a learning curve, and part of integrating yourself into a new culture.

However, I have to remember that this is just one small portion of this country, and living here gives much more ease of exploration to cities like Barcelona, Sevilla, Marbs and Madrid. 30 quid flight from here to Barcelona? Not to shabby hey!

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