One Night In Monument Valley

We went to America knowing that we would pass through Monument Valley at some point, but never knew it would be one of the best places we would ever visit. It’s hard to put into words how amazing the experience was, and how fascinating their culture was.

(And just to clarify Monument Valley is not the place with the faces on the mountain, as so many people say to us when we say we’ve visited Monument Valley!)

Monument Valley

Our travels started on a 4×4, driven by a Navajo man – this person was to take us through our whole journey here. He told us so many stories about how the rocks were formed, or how the moon could tell you what the weather would be, or what would happen if you uttered a certain word whilst you were there. He told us so many myths and stories about the place which ordinarily I might not have believed. But while you’re there in the moment, it’s hard not to take everything you hear as honest gospel. 

Monument Valley

We spent the evening eating with the Navajo people and other visitors – it was here I had the best steak of my life! Afterwards we had a go at practising their traditional dances – it was the most fun I’ve ever had dancing in sand! And in a place where you can’t drink (it’s illegal there), it was nice to have an evening of genuine fun, especially as we live in a world where drink is supposed to define a good night out.

Monument Valley navajo

Monument Valley

We ended our evening, getting ready to sleep in some Navajo woman’s back garden within Monument Valley. We were given the opportunity to sleep in a  mud hut, but it was absolutely boiling so we opted to just put our sleeping bags down on the sand outside, and sleep like that. We then spent the night listening to howling coyotes, a little convinced we were going to get eaten! You laugh, but it’s hard not to feel a tiny bit paranoid when you’re trying to sleep in an unsheltered environment!

This feeling quickly subsided as we remembered we were sleeping under the clearest of skies in Monument Valley watching the stars – a memory that will stay with me forever – absolute perfection.

Monument Valley

We woke up really early the next day to catch the sunrise before we left. These were some of the best pics I caught with my iPhone, as my proper camera took this time to break on me. You know what though, these days we spend so much time living behind a screen rather than experiencing the moment, on reflection it was probably for the best.

Monument Valley Sunrise

Monument Valley Sunrise

Monument Valley Sunrise

Monument Valley Sun Sand

It’s hard to describe how amazing this place was, so I am just going to let the pics do the talking. This place was astounding but would I do it all again? The short answer is no. It’s one of those once in a lifetime experiences, that if you were to try and replicate, it just wouldn’t match up.

If you fancy seeing some of the videos I caught whilst I was here, just let me know and I’ll get them up on YouTube. Or if you have any questions – as usual just ask!

Monument Valley

*All picture rights reserved.


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