Things To Do In Andalucia: Castellar Zoo

Just in case you are ever in my neck of the woods – at the moment I’m talking Gibraltar/Southern Spain – make sure to visit Castellar Zoo. It’s a short 30 minute drive from Gibraltar and offers you the chance to see something other than monkeys!

Castellar Zoo Spain lion cub

Now I’m not usually a big fan of zoo’s, something about seeing animals enclosed like that doesn’t usually do it for me. But I’m not going to lie, having the opportunity to stroke a lion cub and have a tiger cub bite my feet was pretty darn cool.

Tiger Castellar Zoo Spain

Castellar Zoo Spain

You can look forward to seeing monkeys, tigers, lions, deer, birds, lemurs… the list goes on. It opens at 10am but make sure to get there early because otherwise the queues can get massive. And the price, well that’s just a tidy 14 euros. An absolute bargain for something a bit different to liven up your Sunday.

Castellar Zoo Spain Parrot

Castellar Zoo Spain


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