Why You Should Go On A Louisiana Swamp Tour

En route to New Orleans we decided to stop off along the way and visit Dr Wagner’s Honey Island Swamp Tour. I know what you’re all thinking, with a name like that how could it not be good! Here are just a few brief reasons why you should get yourself on a swamp tour if you are in the Louisiana area.

Dr Wagner's Honey Island Swamp Tour

1. You get to be arms length away from an alligator and see him do things like this. (Isn’t the man’s southern drawl just charming…)

2. Where else are you going to see an alligator get fed mini hot-dogs and marshmallows.

Louisiana Swamp Tour Alligator

3. You get to see wildlife like this.

Louisiana Swamp Tour Birds

4. And natural beauty like this.

Louisiana Swamp Tour


And hey if that’s not enough, the boat ride to and from the swamp gets quite a bit of speed on it! I’d say that should convince the adrenaline junkie in you, but in truth what will speak to him is the fact that you get to sit next to an alligator and hope he’s not having a bad day! As the charming man on the boat said to me “make sure to keep your shoulders in…”

*All picture rights reserved

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