8 Things To Know If You Are A Brit Driving In Spain

So after I decided I would bring my car over and drive in Spain, I began to hear many stories from people about the perils of driving on the continent. In my experience the majority have been accurate so far, so I decided to compile a list of the things that annoy me the most. It’s not meant to offend, and it’s probably just my stuffy British self missing a good old country lane or a motorway sans a million potholes. Anyway, enjoy!

1. Drivers in Spain will try just about anything. You’ll find yourself saying “did they really just do that?” Yes, yes they did. You will have to be extra cautious of these types. They’re most common for trying to take your front end off when overtaking on a high speed road.

2. Roundabouts – same as back in the UK right? Wrong. Most cars will look like they’re about to pull out on you, but really that’s just how they approach a roundabout… by being half way across it. Eventually you won’t even slam on your breaks, you’ll just swerve around the obstacles casually to reach your choice of road.

3. Why are they driving so slowly? Well there are three reasons. 1. They might just be adhering to the rules of the road i.e. 30k is like 20mph. 2. They’re having a conversation on their phone and are going slow to not cause an accident and ultimately do you a favour. 3. They’re uninsured with no license and are trying to get a little practice whilst laying low.

4. They drive on the other side of the road to us Brits, but if you didn’t know that, you’re beyond help and must live a sheltered life! Always remember though, keep the curb to your immediate right…or something like that.

5. Zebra crossings are a thing of the past. Don’t feel obliged to stop for them, all the pedestrians know they’re a lost cause.

6. Ever heard the acronym PLAD. Well it means parked like a dick, and it applies to about 80% of cars parked in a Spanish supermarket car park. You’ll soon learn to live outside the lines. Sounds philosophical right? Unfortunately it’s not… it’s just a pain.

7. You know that stick behind your steering wheel to the left that goes up and down, that’s your indicator. You won’t need it anymore; mind reading powers will be much more useful. So get honing those skills!

8. And finally, driving down the middle of two lanes is acceptable – because picking a lane is so last year.

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