Day Trip to Bolonia, Spain

It’s safe to say that we had pretty high expectations of Bolonia before we travelled there. Having heard many top notch reviews of the place, we expected to be greeted with amazing scenes and a great day out.

And we were greeted with this. However we don’t want to say we were disappointed because that would sound like such a harsh critique for such a wonderful place,  but having been to Tarifa the week before we couldn’t help but draw comparisons between the two. A lot of people had told us that Bolonia was a million times better than Tarifa so we were expecting something truly magnificent. Instead we were met with a perfect place for a beach day… but not much else. (I admit this does sound kind of harsh now…sorry Bolonia lovers!)

tarifa beach roman ruins

But I don’t want to dwell as there were high points to Bolonia, with the beautiful beach being the most notable. With white sands and crystal shores that seem to stretch on for miles, and la “duna de bolonia”, this little coastal village boasted one of the best beaches I’ve seen in Southern Spain yet. So for you folks that just want a beach day out this place is perfecto.

Bolonia, Spain

The next big feature in Bolonia would have to be the Roman ruins. I say big feature, in my eyes once you’ve seen one ruin you’ve seen them all, but this was interesting nonetheless and it really gave us a feel for the history of this little fishing village.  However, the information leaflet you receive on these ruins really isn’t that informative, and the ruins are shared with a variety of tourists who’s main goal is to take a million selfies with them. I’m sure if you search for #TarifaRomanRuins on Instagram you’ll be greeted with these selfies we speak of! I managed to get some good pics anyway which you can check out on my Flickr account.

tarifa roman ruins

This is a pretty short post as I really don’t have that much to say about this place, but don’t let that deter you from visiting . Just because we preferred Tarifa doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit this village. Bolonia is a hidden gem that you need to take a lazy Sunday drive to. That is after visiting Tarifa first of course…

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