Best Veggie Restaurant In Tarifa

We went for another little visit to Tarifa a couple of weekends back, but this time we were in search of the top rated, vegetarian restaurant.

For a predominantly meat eating country this restaurant was one of the best places we’ve eaten at. As I’ve said before Tarifa is one of those refreshing places in Southern Spain, and it was certainly refreshing to have a break from tapas, chorizo and meat, meat, meat!

Now I’m vegetarian by no means but the food at Chilimosa was phenomenal. I’m talking onion bhajis dipped in sweet chilli and honey sauce, falafel wraps, vegetable curry… the list goes on. And the food was complimented with an assortment of organic drinks and even wheat beer. Literally this place has thought of everything to meet the needs of the veggie/vegan customer, so much so even the napkins were 100% recycled material.

chilimosa tarifa

Perhaps one of my favourite parts of this place was that it was an intimate little restaurant with only 3 tables, one of which was situated in what I can only describe as a ‘VIP booth’. I have a bad photo here to show you, but you’ll obviously have to go there yourself to see what I’m on about!

Basically because of this setting, the atmosphere was a very trusting one where you got to grab your own drinks from the fridge without some money-maker hovering over you to note it down on the bill. It was definitely reflective of the hippie feeling that Tarifa oozes.

chilimosa tarifa

And just one last comment on the place, it was cheap as chips! For three people eating, with wheat beer, starters, a main course and a desert (carrot cake, I have no self control!) it came to just under 30 euros. Bargain or what?

This little place is situated in the ‘Old Town’, it’s left as you go under the archway. If you need more direction than that I would probably hit up the old Google Maps.

This is one foodie experience you won’t want to miss out on if you’re in this neck of the woods – enjoy!

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