Strange Spain: Part 1

This is another one of those ‘living in Spain is different’ posts, but I feel it’s necessary to document the frustrations and weirdness as well as the sunny, ‘I live near a beach and it’s awesome’ goodness. So, here are five things that I’ve found incredibly weird about life in Southern Spain.

1. Horses In Apartments

Do you know what’s weird? Looking outside my house and finding that a few horses now occupy the empty, half built apartment buildings. After all it would be a waste to not let them graze on the grass outside and use the inside as shelter/stables when it rains. #SpanishLogic

2. Sunday Blackout

Nothing’s open on a Sunday. This is considerably less weird than the first but WHY?! After six months I have not come to terms with the Sunday shop blackout. We live in the modern world now and if you’re going to scrape on the 24/7 supermarket at least compensate by opening your supermarkets on a Sunday. Is that too much to ask? Also, while we’re on the shop topic, I just can’t get on board with some shops closing for a couple of hours in the middle of the day – surely this is just an inconvenience? By inconvenience I mean one time I wanted to buy a bracelet and I went back after lunch to find the shop had closed. Thank god for the amazing Chinese shops that sell everything here!

3. Mad Cow Epidemic

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, cows crossing roundabouts is weird. The other day I read a Daily Mail article (shameful I know) where some cows were just roaming around an English housing estate. Needless to say everyone lost their shit and it made the news. Here, cows just wander about, cross roundabouts and everyone is like “no biggie”. Similarly when I was walking the dog the other day and two donkeys ran past me chasing each other – it’s just a part of life here in Southern Spain.

4. Round The Roundabout

On the note of roundabouts, parking your car on one is socially acceptable here. Well I say here, it’s acceptable in our little town. Roundabouts made to direct the flow of traffic easily? Pahh…forget that, it’s way more fun to struggle to park your car and fit it to the curve of the roundabout.

5. Spanish Snail Strolling

And I’ll wrap it up for the day after this musing. You know the old notion that the Spanish are laid back and we should all adopt their chilled out attitude, well that’s fair enough but walking at snail pace when I need to get somewhere is hella frustrating.  All you folks that have lived in London will understand this particular frustration. People gots places to be and we gotta be there now!


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