American Roadtrip, Part 5: Five Things To Do In Flagstaff, AZ

Our next stop along the 2014 roadtrip of awesome just so happened to be Flagstaff, Arizona. Now if I’m honest I didn’t give this little university town a second thought when we booked it, but now I just can’t imagine my life before Flagstaff came into it. Put simply, it was a good enough place to live.

To summarize our amazing time there I have compiled a list of 5 things you can do in Flagstaff, you know, just in case you want the same great experience we had.

1. Visit the Brewery Pubs and creep out the barstaff

A brewery seemed like a perfect fit for us English folk so we checked out Beaver Street Brewery and the Lumberyard. These two places were owned by the same people, had very reasonable prices and an outstanding collection of beverages. As I’ve said before beers aren’t my thing, but they had bargain mason jar cocktails for $8.95 and a selection of hilariously named shooters. If you want to have the full experience we had, you will need to try and turn on some good old English “comedy”. By that we mean use sarcasm, which isn’t obvious as sarcasm, and creep out the young (and helpful) bar staff. For example, don’t be afraid to use phrases like, “Can we please have a growler from Beaver Street?”

lumberyard Flagstaff Arizona

2. Get clued up on all the latest Flagstaff news while you’re on the loo

Something we noticed in Flagstaff was the city wide craze of having a noteboard on the back of toilet cubicle doors with the daily newspapers clipped on to them. Presumably for those moments when you want to just “take a moment” and entertain yourself in the peace and quiet of the bathroom. As the night when on, and the alcoholic drinks flowed, it became an even more intriguing phenomenon. And probably made the toilet queue longer for everyone else as I read the latest Arizona gossip. In my eyes this is an idea which should be embraced by more establishments.

3.  Blend into campus and pretend you’re heading back to University

We took a shortcut through the campus to get to downtown Flagstaff on the advice of the nice manager at the Hilton Garden Inn where we stayed. We were just banking on embracing the shortcut and then leaving the campus behind, but of course the day we decided to cut through, the campus was filled with new starters all on the obligatory tours they  must undertake to truly understand the meaning of University. And of course what better way to scare freshers than by running through water fountains doing your best Mr Burns impression?

So maybe the term blending in is used loosely… but the campus was very nice and safe if you’re considering higher education in the Arizona area. Plus, check out this shot of the moon – worth it or what?

Flagstaff arizona college campus

4. Embrace the diversity

We briefly checked out Old Town Flagstaff which was lovely and it boasted an old, active railroad. The rest of the town gave off a very versatile and dynamic vibe with places such as art galleries showcasing Indian Art, obviously breweries and activities like yoga. This was all whilst it hosted all the big American commercial names in food like Taco Bell and Arby’s.

railway old town Flagstaff Arizona

5. Have an allergic reaction to wheat beer

Lastly, how can you go to breweries, try a whole load of beer and not have an allergic reaction to something? Unfortunately this happened to my other half. Probably the most tragic thing for a grown man to hear is that they have had an allergic reaction to one of the things they crave most. Luckily it was wheat beer, and luckily the rash and nose bleed did subside after a few hours. Nevertheless it entertained our evening and enabled some more of that awkward bonding with the bar staff. If you’re not feeling this hardcore maybe just engage in conversation with some fellow Americans about geology whilst trying on their cowboy hat. Before you ask, yes this was an alternative form of entertainment for one of us.

Flagstaff Arizona

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