American Roadtrip, Part 6: Catching a Baseball Game in Albuquerque

Our American roadtrip would be incomplete without taking in one of America’s favourite pastimes – baseball. Knowing that we would be passing through Albuquerque for a night, we decided to take a leaf out of Homer Simpson’s book and catch an Albuquerque Isotopes game.

Homer simpson Albuquerque isotopes

We arrived at the Hotel Parq Central, just off Elm Street on Friday 13th (nope, you really can’t make this stuff up!). The hotel is a former hospital and really paid homage to the buildings former uses. The room had apothecary branded toiletries, there were displays of the old hospital along the hallways and in reception. It was a really nice place, not to mention it was only a five minute drive from the baseball ground – a five minute drive which they kindly offered to us free of charge via their shuttle service.

albuquerque parq central hotel

Of course, this free ride might have been due to some minor conflict on arrival… did you know that every hotel in the USA seems to want a credit card for deposits? Apparently us folk who aren’t in debt with a credit card are not socially acceptable. Anyway, I digress… but this is where the very English term “raging dicky fit” was conceived. Now on to the baseball game…

We were lucky enough to be in town as the Topes were facing New Orleans Zephyrs and on a day they were giving out free jerseys to the first 3000 people who passed through the gate. Unfortunately, we weren’t one of those lucky folks… however we will apologise to the man who sat in front of us who forgot his freebie jersey.

The game was a steal at just $15 dollars a ticket and the seats were great. Also, we were lucky enough to catch a winning game, with the Topes winning 5-4 against Nawlins.

Albuquerque Isotopes baseball game

I’ve got to say though, as folks from a country where baseball isn’t that big, we were pleasantly surprised by the whole experience. This game seemed focused on the experience for families as a whole and keeping the kids entertained throughout. Hence the mini intermissions where people can go on to the pitch and attempt to win prizes by creating a human hamburger (a legit story).

Although as I write this I can’t help but think about the dad sitting behind us who kept telling his young daughter to “appreciate the game!” Of course he left in the top of the 7th inning so I guess he didn’t appreciate the game that much.

After the game finished, the helpful folk at the stadium offered to call us a taxi to get back to the hotel. The taxi never showed up, but we did at least have the comical moment where the woman asked for my phone number and I seemed to replicate that moment on Friends where Ross is reciting an English phone number to find Emily. Yes our phone numbers are really that long…

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