5 Things To Order at a Spanish Tapas Restaurant

Ordering in a tapas restaurant can be quite daunting if you’re like me, by which I mean you’re indecisive and unsure what to do when overwhelmed with choice. In fact so much so that I just ask my other half to order for the two of us. Well, that method has paid off and now we have a good idea of what works well at our local to make for a successful tapas night.

So fear not folks because here are our five things to order in a Spanish tapas restaurant if you’re struggling.

1. Gambas Pil Pil – If you love prawns and you especially love garlic then this is the dish for you. It’s usually served in a little terracotta tapas dish.

2. Ensalada Rusa – Also known as Russian Salad, this is a dish I never thought I would like, purely because it doesn’t look particularly appetizing. But if you like potato salad then you can’t go wrong with this one, and there’s usually always some left over at the end of the night.

3. Patatas Suiza – This one is amazing but probably one to avoid if you’re watching your figure. Just think melted cheese, baked potatoes and bacon in a dish.

4. Meat platter – Naturally you can’t go to a tapas restaurant and not sample the meat (well unless you’re a vegetarian), and a plate of meat is always a good option for this. Not too expensive and there’s always a tonne of it.

5. Wine – And of course what would tapas be in Spain without wine? Need I say anymore…

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