American Roadtrip, Part 7: Roswell, A Rock Show and The World Cup in Pizza Hut

After leaving Albuquerque our next pit-stop was to be Odessa, Texas – of course that was not before we took a quick detour through Roswell. A couple of us had already visited Roswell before so we headed to the same UFO parking zone, next to the UFO Museum, and commenced our tour around Roswell, New Mexico.

Roswell UFO Parking only

Despite all the alien tat, alien branded shops and the alien street lamps, we decided it wasn’t as extra terrestrial as we had all hoped. For example, I clearly remember an alien themed diner in Roswell High. Come on – surely this is something you could capitalize on folks?!

However, we had to admit that there were a lot of nice quirky touches to the little town; the bins were marked with “UFO waste only”, there were “aliens welcome” signs in some of the shops. But all in all, don’t go out of your way to visit this place because it’s not that special.

Roswell ufo museum

After our little Roswell stop we continued onward toward Texas. En route we decided to stop off at Living Desert Zoo State Park where we just so happened to walk into a rock show. And no I’m not talking rock music, I’m talking actual rocks. Unfortunately we could not make an escape without having a stroll around and paying 25 cents to spin the rock wheel of fortune. In case you’re wondering, we won a rock when we spun the wheel. America is weird.

Following on from this excitement, the guys were looking for a suitable stop so that they could watch the England World Cup match. With not much choice around, Pizza Hut in Carlsbad it was! We kind of felt bad for the families trying to have a pleasant meal with the rowdy Brits expressing their discontent for England’s poor soccer football performance.

After an interesting day exploring New Mexico we finally arrived in deserted Odessa, Texas. While the Best Western was very nice and I would recommend it if you happen to find yourself in the area, there is really nothing else to report other than it was a good layover spot.

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