American Roadtrip, Part 9: Kind Strangers in Shreveport, Louisiana

Aside from the obvious True Blood excitement that Shreveport immediately evoked in me, I didn’t expect much from this little Louisiana town. But in fact it turned out to be one of the best places we visited, and not just for the food and drink. We met some truly great people who gave us an insight into the music and artistic side of the place. And above all they were a perfect example of how kind and welcoming strangers can be.

shreveport louisiana

Now while I’ve just told you that we met some very kind people, I’m going to tell you next how Shreveport also saw us gifted with something we have affectionately named “Stabby”. Yes, you’ve probably guessed right, one of those kind folk presented us with a knife. This is just one of the hilariously weird stories that came out of our short stay there, and these were the first stories we told to all our friends once we arrived back home.

shreveport louisiana

I mean, it’s definitely a story worth telling when you are sat with two perfectly normal guys that you have just befriended, who then compare their “protection devices” on a table in a bar, whilst no one bats an eyelid. It speaks volumes about small towns and about the open attitude to weapons in the USA.

Regardless, the people I’m referring to were two of the most genuine people who had real passion for art and music. They were exactly the type of people we had hoped to meet on our travels. Having said that though, the whole place just oozed a great music vibe – as we walked out of one of the bars to go home that night we stopped for a good few minutes to listen to a man sing along with his guitar. A whole mass of people were crowded round whilst this guy sang a very personal song at 3 in the morning underneath an interstate bridge.

the blind tiger shreveport

Another person we met kindly paid for my bar tab when I couldn’t find the money in my purse, without asking for anything in return. He then took us to his pizza place where he told the guys behind the counter to “give them whatever they want, these folk are English.” We got an enormous free pizza (special sauce included) that night and a whole lot of hospitality. Not to mention a couple of people calling their friends to tell them to come out because a few crazy English people were in town. I think we were the highlight of a couple of bars that night.


Not only were the people amazing but there were a couple of impressive bars too, one of which being the Blind Tiger. The story behind it is that it used to be a speak easy in prohibition America – they kept a stuffed toy tiger on the counter to show that they served alcohol. See… you can learn a history lesson on a drunken night out!


We stayed at the Hilton Shreveport next to the Convention Center, so if you ever fancy a visit to one of the nicest places in America, why not book a room there. We highly recommend Shreveport – some amazing friends and unforgettable memories were made there!

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