An American Ale Trail: 5 Must Drink Craft Beers

Being an Englishman, I was under false pretenses that England was the be all and end all when it came to ale. I was somewhat of a craft beer snob, turning my nose up at anything brewed across the pond for fear it was just another ‘light beer’. Well, it seems I must eat humble pie, as the craft beer revolution has well and truly kicked off in America – and dare I say, they’re doing a bloody good job. Here are 5 fantastic American made beers to wet your whistle:

Sweetwater, IPA 6.3%

This was my go to beer when I was in America last time. As you’d expect from an IPA, it’s generously hopped, meaning it has a great mouthfeel and crisp finish. Great for a drink on a hot summer’s day.

Stone Brewing Company, Arrogant Bastard 7.2%

Ok, I’ll come clean. I ordered this on a whim simply because of it’s name. Whilst it wasn’t my favourite beer, it did have some interesting balance between bitter hops and rich malts. One to try, at least once anyway.

Speakeasy, Prohibition Ale 6.1%

I tried this ale at the Tap House in San Francisco and was a big fan. A more sophisticated amber ale than the Arrogant Bastard, this beer has delicious caramel and chocolate malt flavours with a delicious hint of hops. One of my favourite San Fran beers.

North Coast, Old Rasputin 9%

At 9%, this beer is definitely not messing around. Complex flavours of chocolatey roasted malts, black coffee and a delicious hint of dark fruits and herbs. One to drink slowly and appreciate the tasty enigma.

Lumberyard, IPA 6.1%

Not as hoppy as the Sweetwater IPA, but full of citrus flavours and a satisfyingly crisp finish. This beer was made even better by the surroundings. It’s worth travelling to Flagstaff, AZ just to drink this beer straight from the tap at Beaver Street Brewery.


Guest post by Alex Matless

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