Why You Shouldn’t Visit A Spanish Circus

Okay so this post is titled why you shouldn’t visit a Spanish Circus. To clarify what I really mean is, why you shouldn’t go to any circus that has animals in it. We happened to do this recently and it is an experience we will never be repeating.

Now before you judge, let me just explain why we decided to go. I’ve always been against animal circuses, to be blunt I think it’s cruel, unnecessary and in very poor taste, however I realised I had drawn these conclusions having never actually experienced one first hand. So against my gut instinct and better judgement, we bought the 10 euro tickets once the circus rolled into town. I can tell you without a doubt, it was everything I had imagined – for the animal acts anyway.

The first half of the show saw ponies doing some tricks on their hind legs with colourful feathers adorning them. This I could handle to some extent, being that it was actually refreshing to see horses that looked well fed in Southern Spain.  Unfortunately, this didn’t last… they brought a skinny tiger out in the second half for all of three seconds on a chain. Yep, that’s right. The endangered Bengal Tiger, and this small town circus has one reserved for short appearances on show night. Absolute madness.

But that was not the worst bit… the camels closely followed the tiger’s mini cameo and they were a shabby spectacle indeed. They looked miserable, they had sores on their legs and acted out of fear to the whip. In fact, later on a younger camel appeared and wouldn’t ‘perform’ a.k.a kneel on command, so the trainer gave him a little whip for not cooperating. It just baffles me how animal cruelty happens right in front of peoples’ eyes and no one acts. Instead, there was a round of applause.

Unfortunately, the whole experience was tainted by the animals featuring, so it became hard to remember the extremely talented acrobatic brothers, or the even more talented gymnastic girl double act. I supposed what I’m trying to say is: why can’t it just be about these talented individuals without subjecting animals to torture?

In short, the moral of my little rant is this: if you have the opportunity to visit an animal circus, just don’t.

NB:  I was unable to obtain any photos of the night – instead I got an earful from the stewards for attempting!

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