4 Things That Will Happen If You Live in Spain With a Right-Hand Drive

1. Parking becomes an awkward and embarrassing occasion 

Trust me, you will no longer want to park without a reliable passenger who can get your ticket out of the machine. Otherwise you are doomed to end up alone, clambering over the gear stick (and all that useless car junk) to get the ticket without causing a mad queue behind you, and flashing your underwear to passersby.

2. The McDonalds Drive-Thru is no longer your friend

Feeling a bit peckish and fancy a bit of fast food? No problem… oh wait, that means having to yell my order over a greater distance into the speaker, where the receiver already struggles to understand my broken Spanish. “UNO BIG MAC POR FAVOR!”

3. Your windscreen will blind you

Thought your blind spot was bad in England? Well it’s ten times worse when you’re sitting on the right. Looking left at a roundabout becomes more difficult when your view is obstructed by your own car windscreen. Wondering what I mean? Don’t worry, you’ll see if you plan to do this. As I said before, a passenger is awfully handy.

4. Beware of dropping someone off at the side of the road

Remember those reliable passengers are precious if you hope to survive driving, so be aware that the public aren’t expecting someone to spring out of the left hand side quickly. Yes, this happened to me. I nearly lost my passenger door to a moped, not to mention my other half.

Moral of the story – maybe consider renting a left-hand drive for your expeditions on the continent.

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