DIY Travel Gift Idea: Sew Your Own Roadtrip

Those of you that have seen my USA posts will know that me and a few people went on an American road trip last year from San Francisco to New Orleans. Well when I was racking my brains trying to think of a good gift idea for Christmas for the folk I traveled with, I decided to put some time into rustling up something personal which would bring back those great memories of the most awesome road trip ever! Of course I am a little biased.

Anyway, I had done some Googling and some Pinterest-ing, and eventually put this together. I found the map in the back of my work diary, the string and needle from a sewing kit I already had, and the only thing I bought new was the frame from the supermarket. Not too expensive but rich in memories! (Apologies for the cheese, but it’s true!)

DIY travel map craft ideas

What kind of DIY travel bits and bobs have you made up to document your travels? Let me know in the comments, I’m always after new ideas to fill my house with.

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