Travel Trinkets: USA Edition

I have a problem. It’s that whenever I travel I come back with the biggest collection of trinkets. And no we’re not just talking about things I purchase, we’re talking free brochures, key cards from hotel rooms, stickers, the list goes on.

So here’s what I’m wondering, is it just me or is this something any of you guys do too? This is a downsized collection from my USA road trip, and if you recognize the map it’s because I acquired it on my travels too. All hail Cracker Barrel! (Or let’s not because our experience there was horrific, but at least we got this free map!)

american national park maps

These American National Park maps are my absolute favourite for collecting too. Back in England I have the Grand Canyon map, Zion National Park map and Carlsbad Caverns map. They are great for collecting if you are a fan of the National Parks like I am! Or if you want something smaller, I also got a coin pressed in one of those machines at every park I visited… those live permanently in my purse.


*All picture rights reserved.

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