Living Abroad: Planning For The Unexpected Part 2

Not long ago I wrote a post on how to plan for the unexpected. My car had just broke down on a Spanish motorway and I was feeling a little lost. Well, I got over that hurdle just to be greeted with another car related emergency. Only this time it was in the form of a broken windscreen – in case you are wondering, I blame Spanish potholes.

Anyway, my last post discussed how impossible the process was to get anyone to help because of the Spanish lifestyle. This time however I was pleasantly surprised. But that had a lot to do with the fact I approached Carglass to fix my car (that’s Autoglass to you and me). I’m talking English speaking advisers, a turnaround of 3 hours, and the cost – whilst expensive – didn’t completely break the bank. This is one of those times I was grateful for big corporations and ‘the man’, as opposed to a small Spanish dealer where I would have had days of the ‘mañana‘ treatment.

Here’s to no more broken windscreens and my blog schedule resuming to normal!

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