Extreme Airports: A Note From An Adrenaline Junkie

If you’ve read the Daily Mail in the past six months (I have, don’t judge me) I’m sure you will have come across their monthly article about dangerous airports around the world. Newsflash, Gibraltar makes the cut every time. In fact they have even gone as far as to say that it is included in the five most extreme airports of the world. Boy do I feel like a daredevil now for coming home to Gibraltar and walking across that runway every day. The only thing better than the article, was the comments left underneath. So in case you are wondering:

  • No, there’s rarely an accident
  • No, a bridge wouldn’t help (plane landing on a bridge?!)
  • The grand total of four domestic flights that land and depart daily do not cause that much mayhem

To conclude, yes Gibraltar’s airport system might be bizarre, but extreme? Hardly. Especially when they divert to Malaga at the first sign of rain. If you think England is bad in snow, try Gibraltar in the rain…

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