Life update: A whole new kind of adventure…

It’s been a while since my last post, but I have a reason – I got married! This post is a little something I wrote prior to my wedding that I’ve been meaning to share, and hopefully all of you who are married, and still have the wanderlust, can relate to! This isn’t the end, it’s just the beginning…


So when I’m not writing about travel, I’m reading a book about it. I’ve read fantastic books about people’s solo journeys around the globe and how they are better off being a free spirit, alone with their own thoughts, with the flexibility to do whatever they want. Now, while I admire all of these people, I definitely think there is a false notion that travelling and exploring as a singleton is the way forward. And that anyone who is in a long-term relationship or married can’t experience the same.

Take for example this line I read this morning from a book: “While most of her friends were getting married and having babies, she wanted more.” Why is the notion of marriage associated with settling? Why do people think that it’s the end and you can’t have, or long for more adventure?


As you can tell I take minor offence because I’m getting married next week. I don’t anticipate that the minute I walk back up the aisle my wanderlust will just have disappeared. In fact we’re off to Thailand together just next month.

We got bit by the travel bug together, we have seen more of America than most people with our month long expeditions over there. We’ve lived and experienced Spanish culture for 18 months, and we’ve pitched up and slept by the side of a road in France during a road trip.

Marriage doesn’t mean I’m going to just quit, have kids and confine myself to a life in the suburbs. It means spending my life embarking on an adventure with my best friend – travelling somewhere with someone else and experiencing their perspective as well as my own.

To quote Robert Frost, “I took the road less travelled and that made all the difference.”

Of course that doesn’t mean we still won’t have moments like this…

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