3 Things You Should Know Before Running The Disneyland 5k

I did a lot last year, most of which I didn’t end up blogging about, because… well, life! One of the notable stops on my travels was the Disneyland Paris 5k which I took part in last September. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t so excited to do it because the drama and the planning felt like too much of an effort for a 5k run, but I went along with it nonetheless.

Anyway, as someone who took part in the Disneyland Paris 5k, I thought you might like to know a few things before choosing to take part:

1. Don’t drink the night before

I mean this, like… I really mean this! Me and my fellow Simba dressed friend decided to go out for a ‘few’ drinks the night before. Be sure to be well rested, because it might only be a 5k but it feels like a marathon after a couple of bottles of red wine and two hours sleep. Going to bed at 2am and waking up at 4am to take the train to Disneyland from Gare du Nord is not ideal.


2. Wearing a Simba suit is HOT

No, I don’t mean hot like “oh yeah you look really attractive as Simba” (n.b. one french man did say that though). I mean that wearing a Simba onesie is literally the hottest thing ever. Running with a hangover is one thing, but running with a hangover in a furnace is another. Be mindful of your costume choices. Although we did look pretty awesome…


3. Don’t let the planning put you off

I’ll be honest, the planning from the RunDisney Europe team was pretty shoddy, and we had to continually pester just to make sure we could pick up our numbers and actually race on race day. Despite all of the back and forth, and lack of clear communication and instruction, the race was awesome. However I wouldn’t recommend staying outside of Disneyland Paris – just book a package deal and stay, so much easier.


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